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China National Seed Trade Association (CNSTA), established in 1988, is a national and industrial social organization formed voluntarily by enterprises and social organizations engaged in agricultural seed planting, and related businesses. It represents the interests of China seed and related industry, focusing on promoting the development of China seed industry.

CNSTA aims to serve the members, provides services to the members-training, workshops, trade information, consulting, seed expo ect., and organizes member groups to study overseas. CNSTA provides advices, seed imp. & exp. trade data and related industry research report to the government and decision makers, and builds a communication platform between the government and enterprises. CNSTA also keeps a close relationship with domestic and other country seed associations, jointly organizes several workshops on IP and PBI, and promotes international exchange and cooperation with enterprises.

CNSTA is board member of International Seed Federation (ISF), with permanent seat and voting right in ISF BOD. It is also a member of the Asia Pacific Seed Association (APSA). CNSTA takes an active part in international affairs and rule-making of seed industry, and have voice representing China seed industry. During last years, CNSTA held successively 2005 Asian Seed Congress in Shanghai and 2014 World Seed Congress in Beijing, which greatly enhanced the influence of China seed industry.